Financial Information

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The ASCRL Distribution Calendar is set by the ASCRL Board of Advisors and the ASCRL
Board of Directors. The distribution calendar is subject to change without notice.
Currently distributions are scheduled as follows:

August 7, 2022 Photography Distribution (US and Foreign) Deadline for Member Data June 30, 2022
November 30, 2022 Illustration Distribution (US Only) Deadline for Member Data October 31, 2022
November 30 2022 Photography Distribution (US and Foreign) Deadline for Member Data October 31, 2022
May 30, 2022 2021 Balances Illustration Distribution US Only -Nonagency Members Expired: This distribution is in process for unpaid 2021 members only.
May 30, 2022 2021 Balances Photography Distribution US Only -Nonagency Members Expired: This distribution is in process for unpaid 2021 members only.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES FOR MEMBERS: All Member Data and Account Information must be submitted to the portal and be complete no later than the deadlines posted below.


The Board of Advisors and Directors met in April 2022 and established the Illustration and Photography point systems for 2022. The formulas take into account prolificity and frequency of publication. The advisors first determine what points are to be awarded for the number of the claimant's works and are next awarded for the frequency with which those works are published. In establishing the point systems, both Boards consider the sources of funds, how the sources correlate to reprographic interests, the relevance of the remuneration to the nature and character of certain publications, the genres represented by the recipient constituency, fairness to claimants, the establishment of a functional distribution system, costs of administration, and other factors. This information is based on the claimant's reporting on the claimant portal. Members are welcome to comment upon the formulas.


1-100 1 1-500 1.1
101-500 1.1 501-1000 1.1
501-1000 1.2 1001-2500 1.2
1001-2500 1.3 2501-5000 1.3
2501-5000 1.4 5001-10,000 1.4
5001-10,000 1.5 10,001-25,000 1.5
10,001 +above 1.6 25,001-50,000
75,001 +above


1-250 1 1-250 1
250-1,000 5 251-1000 5
1,001-2,000 6 1001-2000 6
2001 above 7 2,001 above 7

HOW DO Members Get Paid

ASCRL payments are processed through ACH transactions directly to the member bank for USA members with USA accounts who have completed ALL necessary payment data and who have properly authenticated their account with their cell phone sms text verification. ACH transactions do not process to foreign banks and cannot be verified for processing with foreign cell phone numbers. Foreign members (and USA members who fail bank authentication with sms), are paid through PayPal.

How is ASCRL Paid?

ASCRL compensation is usually established by contract with contributing sister societies and is subject to regulation according to European Union directives. Contract provisions typically provide that ASCRL will receive 25% of the society's contribution. When a contracting society does not specify ASCRL's retention amount, the amount is 25% unless otherwise adjusted by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the Board of Advisors. The funds ASCRL receives are after the contributing society has withheld their administration funds at the source and are after applicable foreign taxes if they apply. For some author-specific distributions, ASCRL retains a lower fee of 20%. However, there are some circumstances in which ASCRL makes an author-specific distribution for no charge. On an unweighted basis, ASCRL, therefore, has average retention of 22.5%, excluding certain distributions that are made for free.

As a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation, it is ASCRL's objective to reduce administrative retentions to the fullest extent possible, and ASCRL expects retentions to reduce as the organization's receipts increase. The administrative fees are determined by agreement between the contributing societies and ASCRL. They are approved by the Board of Directors, which receives the input of the ASCRL Board of Advisors. The Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors serve in their respective capacities as volunteers, without compensation, for the purposes of advancing the interests of the organization. Therefore, the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors have no direct or indirect financial interests in the amount of the ASCRL retentions that they establish for the maintenance of the organization. In addition to distributable claimant funds, ASCRL receives grant money from certain organizations and retains up to 2% of funds received for cultural and advocacy purposes.

All funds, including without limitation the amount of these grants, are reported in ASCRL's public disclosures with the United States Dept. of the Treasury.