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ASCRL is supportive of organizations that advance artists rights and collective rights initiatives. Starting in 2021, approximately 2% of the funds ASCRL receives will be distributed to qualified organizations for advocacy purposes.

Advocacy grants are intended to supplement ASCRL's own zealous advocacy efforts. These include participation in legislative initiatives that preserve the primary rights of copyright owners, participation in appellate briefs and amicus briefs filed in the United States Supreme Court, and international advocacy *promoting collective rights for US authors and foreign authors with US publications. *

ASCRL is privileged to be able to support these other organizations and to work with them to advance the rights of illustrators and photographers in the primary rights and collective rights marketplaces.

Grant Qualifications:

Applicant Tax Status

Qualified Applicants shall be a 501(c) organization (supply letter ruling from IRS).

Applicant is organized, operated, or is applying to serve, the relevant constituency's interests of Illustrators and photographers.

Grant Proposal Requirements

The grant proposal seeks funds (and funds must be used for)

a) advance the interests of the relevant constituency through administrative support of organization personnel whose job functions are involved in their organization's participation in collective rights initiatives, or

b) the grant proposal is for the direct administration of programs supportive of collective rights initiatives.

Alternative Qualifying Criteria

The applicant has demonstrated active support of collective rights initiatives, or is proposing a grant that will support collective rights initiatives, OR
The applicant has an active campaign to inform its members or constituents of the availability of ASCRL membership, or at least 10% of the members of the applicant organization have identified themselves as members of ASCRL.

Award Considerations

The award process will evaluate:

The Organization meets the qualifying criteria

The Grant Proposal Meets one or more of the Grant Proposal Requirements.

The Applicant has demonstrated support, promises future support, of collective rights initiatives

Applicant has or does not have informational campaign supportive of ASCRL initiatives and membership

Applicant has demonstrated ASCRL membership level or does not have ASCRL membership level

Extent to which grant proposal plays an important role in advancement of collective rights initiatives

Extent to which grantee plays an important role in advancement of collective rights initiatives

Extent to which grant proposal is supportive of specific or general ASCRL programs.

Grant Decisions

Awards will be decided by the ASCRL Board of Directors and the ASCRL Advisory Board, each of which will have 50% of the vote. Advisory Board votes will be proportioned to the voting members.

Awards are made solely in the discretion of the ASCRL Boards and are not appealable.

Awards and Grantee programs may be reported on the ASCRL website and may be published in ASCRL sponsored materials. The grantee's logo may appear in connection with such reports and publications.

Grantee Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients must submit an accounting of their use of funds consistent with the grant proposal at the end of the grant period or when funds are fully expended.

Procedures and Deadlines

Applicants must submit their proposal on the formal application form, and submit all required supporting materials.

Application must be RECEIVED by ASCRL on or before the application deadline.

ASCRL may request additional information from the applicant concerning their qualifications and proposal and the applicant must fully respond to the request for information.

ASCRL may revise the grant program at any time in its discretion.

The current deadline for 2022 Grants is October 31, 2022