Innepage Hero
David Goldman

David Goldman, is the principal of the world renowned David Goldman Agency.  Since DGA was originally established in New York in 1980 it has been providing award winning illustration to advertising agencies, graphic design firms, magazine, newspapers, book publishers, corporations, licensees, animation production companies, and a world of image users. In fact, DGA artists have been used in some of the most successful print and television ad campaigns in the world, and over 600 awards for illustration excellence have been bestowed upon DGA artists and animation designers to date. Now the agency is well known as the exclusive representative of a small boutique group of the world’s premier professional commercial illustrators, designers, authors, and TV show creators. David has also been involved in developing, producing, and selling television properties with David Russo in partnerships with Mark Burnett Productions, Magic Johnson, Paula Abdul, MTV, USA Network, NBC, Discovery Channel, GSN, and most recently in 2019 with ITV.